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New Album
War On Whack-Rappers

Xseven is currently working on his second album of 2017 entitled 'War On Whack-Rappers.  Few details are currently available.  However, he tells us that it will be twice as good as his debut album, and will have some of his hardest tracks.  The album will also feature a few other recording artists.  We got to listen to a few of the songs already finished, and we can say that it's very unique and definitely boasts Xseven's odd, but catchy sound.

Custom Apparel
Hand printed shirts & hoodies.

Our apparel artist has the first batch of shirts available, as well as concepts to share with you.  Check out what is currently available by clicking here.

Limited Time Offer
Audio Recording & Engineering Services

Until Augest 15th, 2017 we will be offering the lowest prices we could possibly offer for our audio services.

For more information click here.

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