Let's grow together, fam!

What We Do

  • Graphic design
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Instrumental production
  • Audio recording

The D.A.W. We Use

Acoustica Mixcraft is our most recommended DAW for aspiring recording artists of all genres.
NOTE:   We are not an affiliate of nor are we sponsored by Acoustica Mixcraft.

Who We Are

Zany Records is a bran new independent music label currently focused on the Hip-Hop genre.  Our mission is to provide industry quality music and bring back the human element into the world of professional music.  We remain dedicated in growing, and learning as a team.  Zany Records was founded by B. James Dixon in late 2016.  Since launch Zany Records has published a small number of projects and has been reaching out to new recording artists.  Though we're a small business, we strive to enlighten our listeners with a unique sound and focus expanding upon ourselves, both as a business and as individuals.  We welcome you to join us as attempt to swim the ocean that is the music industry without a life vest.  Things might get interesting.